Senior Tax Accountant


POSITION TITLE: Senior Tax Accountant

REPORTS TO: Tax Director/Assistant Tax Director


 Position Description:

Primary responsibility initially will be to establish a long-term tax projection model for the Company. Additional responsibilities will be to provide direct support to the Tax Director/Assistant Tax Director to ensure the Company meets its tax filing obligations, with the goal of minimizing the Company’s exposure to taxing authorities.  Position will support the efforts of the Tax Director/Assistant Tax Director to ensure that the Company complies with all applicable laws and tax code provisions, particularly related to the real estate investment trusts that are in the organizational structure. 

All of this is to be done in a manner consistent with the Vision, Mission, and Values articulated in the Company’s Core Ideology.


Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Create and maintain long-range (5-10 year) tax projection model for the Company and its subsidiaries.
  • Prepare workpapers required to prepare federal, state and local income tax returns for various business entities.
  • Track filing obligations of each of the Company’s entities, to ensure that the Company is filing all required returns in each applicable jurisdiction.
  • Project federal and state taxable income on a quarterly basis so that estimates taxes are timely paid.
  • Maintain tax files in a highly organized fashion, referencing all workpapers back to source documents.
  • Ensure compliance with REIT rules by performing quarterly asset tests and annual income tests.
  •  Sends shareholder demand letters to applicable shareholders, and tracks responses to the letters.
  • Assist in various aspects of tax planning and consulting, as required.
  • Perform calculations to project/determine, for federal income tax purposes, the taxability of the Company’s distributions.
  • Perform complex calculations required to properly allocate depreciation expense and partnership liabilities.
  • Project allocations of income to partners of the Company.
  • Calculate amounts to be withheld from limited partners for various domestic and foreign jurisdictions/Notify partners of amounts withheld from distributions/Complete and file appropriate tax forms/returns.
  • Implement and maintain internal controls over tax department functions.
  • Respond to and track status of all tax notices received by the Company from various taxing jurisdictions.
  • Provide support to others as required.
  • Work as a team member and perform other duties as may be assigned.


 Required Skills & Attributes:

  • Superb Excel skills are a must.
  • Bachelor’s degree required/Advanced degree in Taxation preferred.
  • 1-2 years of experience in Tax Department of public accounting firm is preferred
  • Experience with REIT/real estate and partnership tax issues preferred.
  • Proficient in the use of depreciation and tax preparation software
  • Attention to detail.
  • Personable, able to deal within the framework of a large organization and work with others as a team player.
  • Must be intelligent, highly organized, motivated, self-starter.
  • Diligent and focused individual who enjoys work.
  • Proactive and communicative.
  • Able to keep inside information confidential.